Do It Yourself ("DIY") Volunteering provides a meaningful way to engage volunteers in a non-traditional way.
At this time, HandsOn Broward will offer multiple different DIY project options. For these projects, you'll provide the supplies
(all are designed to be low-to-no-cost) and we'll give you the instructions for completing it, along with information on the benefiting agency.

Important DIY drop off information:

  • We will only accept drop-offs on Tuesdays from 9 AM to 2 PM and Thursdays from 12 PM to 5 PM (knock on the 5815B door)
  • All of your project items must be together (i.e. in a bag, envelope, or box)
  • Your completed DIY report must be included with your project


Current Projects

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First Aid Kits          Kitchen Care Kits

As our community continues to face the hardships brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the issues that already existed have only gotten worse. HandsOn Broward will be collecting First Aid Kits and Kitchen Care Kits for A Place in Time Christian Ministries. A Place in Time Christian Ministries is a food pantry that provides breakfast and bags of food and supplies to 40-60 families in need in West Broward County. These items alleviate the immediate needs of these families and help them live in better conditions, which encourages them to put their efforts into improving their current circumstances.