HandsOn Broward Project Leaders

HandsOn Broward seeks to equip and mobilize a corps of Project Leaders who are inspired to take the lead on various community projects, national days of service, and signature initiatives and serve as HandsOn Broward Ambassadors.

What is a HandsOn Broward Project Leader?

Our trained and enthusiastic Project Leaders stand at the forefront of service by mobilizing and managing other volunteers to make a difference. As a Project Leader you will provide the leadership necessary to make HandsOn Broward's events meaningful and enjoyable. You will serve as the liaison between HandsOn Broward, our volunteers and the non-profit agencies that we serve. 

Become a HandsOn Broward Project Leader

The HandsOn Broward Project Leader Program is composed of volunteers who are committed to taking the next step at creating positive change in their community. If you are interested in becoming more involved and want to take action, we encourage you to apply to be a Project Leader!

Before applying, you must:

  • Be a HandsOn Broward Volunteers
  • Attend at least three HandsOn Broward volunteer projects
  • Commit to leading at least three HandsOn Broward volunteer projects per year

If you are interested in applying, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Zakiya Becca at zakiya@handsonbroward.org.