Corporate Services


Now, more than ever, workplace volunteering is gaining momentum and international attention.  Engaging employees in volunteer service not only meets the expectations of the community, it also targets business objectives and addresses employee interests.  Employee volunteer programs (EVPs) can be a vital and strategic part of your business operations and bridge the gap between business and social concerns.
HandsOn Broward works with business leaders to build and sustain successful EVPs.  Our staff can guide your company in developing and enhancing an effective EVP to meet our Principles of Excellence for Workplace Volunteering.  With our specialized training, resource materials, Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC), and networking and visibility opportunities, we empower businesses to motivate and engage their employees, retirees and families in programs that make a difference.


HandsOn Broward offers customized days of service to meet the funding and impact priorities of businesses seeking to engage their employees in the Broward County community. With a flexible framework of volunteer programs, projects are aligned with a company’s strategic objectives yet tailored to fit specific markets and community needs.  Our services are broad and are aimed at simplifying your role in volunteer management and increasing the impact of your employee volunteer program.
Standard offerings include: volunteer organization and management; site selection; program planning and execution; communications and public relations; customized evaluations and reporting; and opportunities to participate in year-round partnership activities.
Regardless of the size or scope of your customized employee volunteer program, we will work with you to create a meaningful project that creates lasting change in the communities you serve.

To learn more about how HandsOn Broward can customize a program or day of service to meet your company's community priorities, please contact our Director of Corporate Projects, Darrill Gaschler, at 954-233-1299 or